The Story Behind Brand Caffeine

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May 31, 2024
The Story Behind Brand Caffeine

The best way to innovate in any field is to take the learnings from one domain and apply them to another. Here’s why 👇

  • It’s how we came up with the first ever growth and optimization offering for wholesalers on the Faire platform.
  • We took what we learned from building successful growth campaigns for multi-million-dollar consumer brands, and applied those same lessons to wholesalers.

Here’s how:

If you’re a marketer for a consumer brand, your entire job is to consistently and repeatedly optimize your funnel across media buying, SEO, website CRO, platform SRO, etc.

When the Brand Caffeine team first analyzed the largest sellers on Faire’s platform, we immediately noticed one thing:

Not a single brand was optimizing for these things. They were simply setting and forgetting.

That’s when we saw an opportunity. About two years ago, we began working to develop a playbook for how to best identify new customers and optimize the sales funnel on Faire.

From that research, we found a few different common themes that applied to both Brand Caffeine’s current DTC clients and the Wholesalers on Faire:

The more research that you do on competitors, the more you can learn about best (and worst) practices — Competitor research speeds up the learning curve. It will tell you the good, the bad, and the ugly about a product category and its customers. This is how you find a gap in the market.

Active is better than passive, even if you’re bad at it — The only thing more effective than a great marketer is an active marketer. The DTC brands that run the most experiments are consistently the ones that perform the best over the long term. The same here applies to wholesalers on a platform like Faire.

You’ll never regret putting in a lot of effort on a new high-leverage platform — New platforms are some of the greatest sales opportunities for any growing brand — consumer or wholesale. New platforms and channels have less competition, meaning a marketing team can drive better results for less money. If you win, you win big, if you lose, you lose small.

Faire is one of the greatest growth opportunities in the last 20 years. It’s just that most wholesalers don’t realize it yet.

Want to learn how to optimize your own account on Faire? Get in touch with us!

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